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    The $_PATH variable stores the slash terminated physical system path to your
    PTM script, not including the script's name. The script's name is stored in
    $_SCRIPT. Depending on your installation method, $_PATH is generated a few
    different ways.

    If installed via the full integration method in Apache's httpd.conf file,
    $_PATH is defined using the Apache-generated environment variable
    'PATH_TRANSLATED' with any file name stripped off.

    If installed via the Standalone method in the cgi-bin and using the
    .htaccess redirect, $_PATH is defined using the $_DOCUMENT_ROOT variable if
    it is defined, or the Apache-generated 'DOCUMENT_ROOT' if $_DOCUMENT_ROOT is
    not defined, along with either the Apache-generated 'REDIRECT_URL'
    environment variable if redirection is in use, or the 'REQUEST_URI'
    environment variable if no redirection has occured.

    In Command Line Mode, $_PATH is defined as the current working directory.

    Generally speaking, there is no reason to display the contents of the $_PATH
    variable to your end users on the web. $_PATH is mainly used to know where
    your PTM script is located on the file server so as to know it's relative
    location to other files. It is also used internally in the PPA (PTM Parser
    Application) [ptm.cgi] to set a working directory when a script is loaded.



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