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I   Index
III   Description
IV   Installation
V   Language Overview
VI   Tags
VII   Variables
VIII   Functions
IX   Modules
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Welcome to PTM's Documentation section!

Feel free to use the menu to the left to navigate through the documentation.
It will be posted as it's written, so if you come across something that hasn't
been added yet, we haven't gotten around to writing it yet -- working as quickly
as possible though, I assure you.

You won't see any pretty DHTML output here, as this section is entirely text
based. "Why?" you ask? Because this way we can simply drop in the ACTUAL
documentation without having to worry about making more typos than there
already are.

More importantly though, it allows for dropping PTM/HTML samples in without
worrying about it's ugly repercussions. You will also notice that no document
pages will span more than 80 characters wide, as this is the standard terminal
size, and we want our command line users to be just as comfortable with our
documentation files stored here as our GUI OS users.

Now, if you havent already experienced it, you will know what it feels like to
use PTM on the command line, lol. Enjoy =)
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